It’s Your Blog, You Set the Tone (For the Love of Blogging Series)

For the Love of Blogging

Welcome to a new series at Carrots! I often get emails and comments asking about various blogging-related things, so I thought it would be fun to answer some of them right here on the blog as a little on-going series. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! If you have a question about blogging, feel free to leave it in the comments and I may be able to answer it in a future For the Love of … [Read more...]

THANK YOU! You Made Carrots Sheenazing!


Y'all! I was floored to find out that Carrots won not one but TWO Sheenazing Awards this year because of your votes. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just being nominated last year was so exciting that I am GIDDY that I have such awesome readers who took the voting by storm. Carrots won for Best Lifestyle Blog against some VERY intimidating competition (I seriously can't believe it when I look at all the … [Read more...]

Sheenazing! And Sorry for the Crickets….

Yay! It's Sheenazing Awards time and voting is now open. It's like the Academy Awards of the Catholic blogosphere and you can support your favorite Catholic blogs by taking a minute to vote over at A Knotted Life. It would make my day if you voted for Carrots and I'm honored to be nominated with some of my favorite blogs on the ballot. You kind folks nominated me for: Best Looking Blog, Most … [Read more...]

Catholic Blogs You Should Be Reading

Sheen Nominated

It's that time of year again! The Sheenazing Award nominations for your favorite Catholic blogs over at A Knotted Life where the wonderful Bonnie writes. The awards will likely be delayed for a bit because Bonnie's son James had a seizure and is in the hospital. He is recovering well, but please keep their whole family in your prayers as they run tests to figure out why James had this … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Favorite Posts from 2013

10 fave

Yesterday I shared the top 10 most popular posts from 2013. The funny thing is, the posts that get the most clicks are rarely the ones that I love the most or poured my heart into. So here's a few of the posts that I'm most proud of from 2013. If you didn't read them the first time around, I hope you'll enjoy them now! 1. Praying with Your Feet: "Sometimes I make the mistake of separating my … [Read more...]

10 Most Popular Carrots Posts of 2013


Happy Feast of Mary Mother of God and Happy New Year! I've been pretty disappointed that since I've been sick since Christmas Eve we haven't had the chance to do all the fun Christmastide things we planned. But I can still drink tea from my Christmas tea cups! You can't take that away from me, tonsilitis! Tired eyes and messy counters, my friends. Anyhow, we let the kids stay up an hour past … [Read more...]

The Truth About Blog Comments


Me and Comments Confession: I’m terrible at leaving blog comments. I read lots of blogs but rarely do I ever comment even if I adore a post. I use the Feedly app on my phone and it’s miserable to try to leave comments from an iPhone (or at least I think it is.) I’m far more likely to share a post I love on Facebook than leave a comment. And I bet there’s some Carrots readers in the same boat. I … [Read more...]

Blogs I Love

I’ve had a few readers ask me what blogs I like to follow, so I want to share a few of my favorites with you. When I became a young mom, I didn't have any friends with children and having a window into the lives of other mothers (particularly Catholic mums) really encouraged me and that's how I started following blogs in general. But first, did you notice the changes I made to Carrots? New … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

  (Carrot friends from our first crop of carrots from our garden) When I mentioned the other day that I was considering changing the name of Carrots for Michaelmas so that my blog would be easier to spell and find, many of you said, “no no no!” (If you think I should change it, I’d like to hear your feedback, too! So, do let me know in the comments.) Anyhow, I’m glad you don’t think I should … [Read more...]