This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 98

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I think I've ALMOST recovered from the Edel Gathering and now we're off to a family reunion. Remember when preparing for a trip mostly involved making mix CDs for the drive and remembering to pack your toothbrush? Yeah....we're not in Kansas anymore. Packing for five is no joke. Well...four. Daniel is skilled at packing his own stuff. To tell the truth, anything I have to say today sounds silly … [Read more...]

Is Stitch Fix Really Worth It? Yes and No.

Is Stitch Fix Really Worth It? Yes and No. from Carrots for Michaelmas

Is Stitch Fix's personal styling service worth it? Is it a good deal? Well, it depends on who you are. After testing it out a few times, I've figured out how to make it work great for me. And I've also discovered that there's certain people that just shouldn't try it because it won't be worth it to them. So, I'm gonna tell you if you're a good candidate for Stitch Fix or if you should just skip … [Read more...]

Finding Your Groove When Nursing a Toddler

Finding Your Groove When Nursing a Toddler from Carrots for Michaelmas

With a firstborn who hated nursing due to reflux issues, breastfeeding started as a struggle and quickly ended with regrets and feelings of failure. Then when my daughter, Lucy, was born, I got the special nursing relationship I had hoped for and planned to go on for at least two years (partly because it was going so well and partly because extended breastfeeding decreases my risk of breast … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol 97

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I haven't caught up on sleep from Edel, yet. But it's mostly because I keep staying up late talking to Daniel forgetting that the mornings start early around here. Today Gwen woke up at 4:55. FOUR FIFTY FIVE! And honey child was not falling back asleep. So, I just got up, got dressed, and tried to rig yesterday's makeup into today's makeup before heading to Panera to write/answer emails/catch up … [Read more...]

12 Things I Loved About the Edel Gathering

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The requests are flying in for an Edel '14 recap! I feel like I've got 10 posts worth of Edel chat and need a month to process this beautiful whirlwind of a weekend, but here I am starting a post at nap time because Carrots readers shouldn't have to wait a month for me to process all the amazingness that was Edel. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, fear not. Edel is a gathering designed … [Read more...]

Women Speak on NFP


It's NFP Awareness week, so I thought I'd run a post from the archives with the links to all the posts in the Women Speak on NFP series. I learned so much from all the women who shared their stories at Carrots about their experiences with Natural Family Planning and I hope the resources in this series will benefit many families. As a Catholic woman seeking to follow Church teaching about … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 96

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Whew. What a week. And not just because I riled up the internet. There's lots of big projects happening on the homestead and lots of preparing for the Edel Gathering. I did a test run of my talk for some friends and discovered that an hour is a lot longer than I thought it was. Ahem. So, this morning I'll be adding to my talk. And sorry in advance that there'll be lots of Edel on social media for … [Read more...]

“I’m Not Prejudiced, I Just Don’t Like 25% of Humanity”

Kids not welcome

What if I told you there was an article going around Facebook called 26 Reasons Women Shouldn't Be Scientists, with photographs of women doing dumb things? And that the comments were full of men gleefully agreeing that women were idiots and they sure counted themselves lucky that they were able to work in a woman-free industry. What if I told you that some men are calling for a return of Male Only … [Read more...]

Stitch Fix Round 3: Home Run! (And some almost wins. Help me decide.)


And welcome to another round of awkward photos and my pleas for your fashion advice! After a wildly fun first experience with Stitch Fix, a personal styling service, my second box was....ahem....less than thrilling. In fact, I sent everything single item back. I have a very minimalist wardrobe, so why clutter up the closet with anything I don't absolutely love? In hopes that last time was a … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 95 (Ask Me Anything)

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"I dwinking hot chocwate." It seemed like a good idea to console my children with sugary beverages after our quest for gluten-free cupcakes came to naught. In hindsight, hot cocoa in mid-July Florida heat wasn't the best idea I've ever had. On the Homestead:   This is my favorite time of year for eating out of the garden. Daniel's tomatoes are amazing this year (the sungold's … [Read more...]