Praying with Your Feet


Sometimes I make the mistake of separating my spiritual life from my vocation as a wife and mother. I see my children as distractions from prayer and spirituality, rather than an opportunity to love God. On a particularly trying morning with a very fussy infant at church, I spent almost all of Mass outside holding my crying baby and watching Mass through the door. Afterwards, I lamented to a … [Read more...]

20 Picture Books That Will Delight Your Children (And That Won’t Annoy You)

If you share our family's addiction to books, you might face the same perpetual dilemma of never having enough bookshelves to house the titles that become beloved friends. This list won't help you with that problem at all. These are some tried and true titles that have passed an important test: we've read them hundreds of times to our 3-year-old and don't hate them yet (miraculous, no!?). The … [Read more...]