Kindred Spirits and Literary Fun (And Audrey Eclectic Giveaway)

Anne and Diana

I'm a bit bookish. It's not a secret that I love all things Anne of Green Gables and all things Austen (yes, even Fanny Price). And no matter how many times I read Little Women, I will get all teary-eyed because it's just so wonderful.  So when I saw an etsy shop with gorgeous original art and saw Anne and Diana's familiar faces and the Dashwood sisters and Marmee and her four girls, I jumped for … [Read more...]

Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candle Giveaway Winner and Special Discount

Just popping in to announce that Erin York won the Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candle's Easter Egg votive giveaway! Congrats, Erin! And thanks to everyone who entered! Toadily Handmade is offering 10% off to Carrots readers (because you're awesome!) until the end of the month, so if you didn't win the giveaway but have to have some Easter Egg votives, use the coupon code CARROTS to get the special … [Read more...]

More Than Chocolate Bunnies: Simple and Fun Kids’ Easter Basket Fillers (And Easter Egg Votives Giveaway!)

Simple and Fun Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Ever since we began observing the liturgical year, we do it up big for Easter. After the 40 days of Lent, it’s time for the biggest party of the year in celebration of the Resurrection! We try to find ways to help our kids understand the Christian Year and having simple meals during Lent and then really celebrating with food and gifts for Easter helps them learn to participate in those seasons. I … [Read more...]

Short Stories Giveaway!

photo (31)

So I've talked about the unimpressive nature of modern Christian art/music, but there ARE some bright spots in the Catholic literary movement like the Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction. And....TA DA! I have a copy of the prize-winning short stories to give away to a lucky reader. Hurrah! And it's signed by one of the authors: Christie of Everything to Someone, so enter with the handy dandy … [Read more...]

And the Winner Is…

Just dropping in to announce that Megan Kuo was the winner of the Usborne Books and More giveaway! Congrats, Megan. You'll be hearing from me soon about your prize. Be sure to stop by the Usborne web site and check out all of their great books! No This Week's Miscellany today because I am yet AGAIN spiking a fever with tonsilitis. It's been an on and off thing for 11 weeks and two rounds of … [Read more...]

Books Worth Having (A Great Giveaway of Usborne Books!)


While we're sharing about what we've read this year and looking ahead to what we'll read in the new year, I have a great giveaway of wonderful books from Usborne to share with you! When I was homeschooled (3rd-8th grade, I did a little bit of every kind of schooling), my mom would scour used bookstores for anything published by Usborne because they're such high quality books. As I'm starting to … [Read more...]

Getting Organized with Mama’s Notebooks (Review and GIVEAWAY!)


It’s a weird confession for a blogger to make but here it is: I’m not very good at technology. I love pen and paper. I’ll probably never fall in love with an eReader. I like the feel of a book in hand. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a visual learner or if I’m just terrible at keeping digital files organized, but tools like Pinterest never really work for me to keep track of ideas (which is why I … [Read more...]

Finally! Hair Accessories That I Don’t Hate! (and GIVEAWAY)


So, I've been seeing Lilla Rose hair jewelry popping up everywhere in the past couple of years, but I never really jumped on the bandwagon because my hair has been too short to try out the super popular flexi-clip. And in the past I've been disappointed in hair accessory items, because all the ones I buy inevitably break the first time I wear them (same reason I quit buying necklaces!). But then … [Read more...]

Happy Labor Day and Giveaway Winner!

Happy Labor Day to you wonderful folks! We're going to start our day with morning Mass (I really don't think I can handle wrangling three littles at Mass by myself, so we really only go to daily Mass when Daniel can go in to work later than usual. Any advice on that? How do you do it by yourself?) and then we're looking forward to a day of fun. But on to why you're really here! Shaklee … [Read more...]

My Attempt to Get Healthy After Pregnancy (Shaklee Review and GIVEAWAY)


Since suffering through some debilitating morning sickness in my last pregnancy, I mentioned to the Carrots FB community that I was brainstorming nutrition and supplement changes in order to get healthy and (hopefully) avoid the extreme morning sickness if we're blessed with another pregnancy. In addition to decreasing sugar intake in order to promote a healthy gut, I want to work hard to increase … [Read more...]