Sex, Tomatoes, and High Fructose Corn Syrup


(Guest post by Daniel) I can no longer eat that little tomato wedge that comes with side salads at restaurants. You know, the little half moon that sits to the right of the iceberg mix with the texture of styrofoam and a taste vaguely reminiscent of watery ketchup. I used to be able to eat them but then I had a real, fresh tomato with soft, meaty flesh and vibrant tomato flavor. Now, I could … [Read more...]

What Happened to Christian Art? (Why Is CCM So Awful?)


A friend recently shared a piece on Facebook by Michael Gungor of the band Gungor that explored issues in the Christian Music Industry. Anytime the words “Christian” and “industry” are used in the same phrase is a sign there's a problem. But the main question Michael Gungor addressed was, why is CCM (contemporary Christian music) so dreadful? I’m just going to assume that we’re in agreement that … [Read more...]

When Our Good and Holy Plans Fall Through…


(I'm honored to share this beautiful guest post from my dear friend, Mandi Richards of Messy Wife, Blessed Life. -Haley) I thought I woke up every morning willing to do God’s will.  I made choices that others questioned (like marrying young and starting our family early - both without much money in the bank, giving up grad school for life as a stay-at-home mom) but I did so willingly and with … [Read more...]

Nosepickers, St. Peter, and the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

Some thoughts from Daniel... After Haley’s “Kids in Mass” post was featured on Catholic Exchange, a few colorful commenters descended to share their opinions. Some were less than charitable. Maybe they mistakenly thought we let our children roam the aisles and regularly scream bloody murder through the homily. But most people were supportive. One positive comment that stood out to me was a … [Read more...]

Creating a Liturgical Year Binder

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This is a guest post from Kelly of This Ain't the Lyceum, one of my favorite blogs. I can't wait to create one of these binders because when I keep ideas only on Pinterest they're out of sight, out of mind and I simply won't remember the recipes, activities, and prayers I wanted to do! - Haley Our home library contains an impressive amount of Catholic books, however when it comes to praying as a … [Read more...]

Feast! Our eBook! (A Michaelmas Announcement)


Happy Michaelmas! (Daniel carrying Gwen over the finish line) Even though Daniel ran 50 miles yesterday (and came in first in his age group!!!), he didn't forget how much I love Michaelmas and took the kids to the store to get ingredients for a big feast tonight. Speaking of feasts, I want to officially announce that we're writing an ebook that will launch in November! The working title … [Read more...]

Flannery O’Connor’s Violent Grace

I know it's been Flannery central over here lately, but Kendra's post sparked lots of conversations between Daniel and I about why O'Connor is so amazing. Sorry if we're beating a dead horse here, Kendra! I promise to stop with the "please, love Flannery!" posts. But sometimes Daniel writes things that are just too good not to share. So, I hope y'all enjoy a few thoughts on Flannery O'Connor from … [Read more...]

10 Things I Love About Flannery O’Connor

So, Kendra knows I love her (at least I hope she does. Love you, Kendra. Love your blog.) And Kendra isn’t afraid to stir the pot, which is something I really like about her. But I honestly lost sleep over her post about not liking Breaking Bad and Flannery O’Connor. Now, I could care less about Breaking Bad. I’ve seen all of two scenes of it and asked Daniel, “Um….is all of it like that? How … [Read more...]

Women Speak on NFP Series Wrap-Up: What I Learned and My NFP Plans

Over the summer 17 women shared about their experiences using various methods of Natural Family Planning. I was so pleased from the feedback I received about the series and how it has been informing, encouraging, and helping women. I'd like to share some reflections about what I learned from the wonderful contributors and how it's affecting my life.  Because we’ve never been trained in NFP (we’ve … [Read more...]

You Were Not Made for Comfort…


Our culture loves comfort. It's not a secret. We love drive-thrus, and air conditioning, and convenience. But we don’t just love comfort, we’re obsessed with it to the point that we decided blankets aren't quite comfortable enough and we had to invent the Snuggie. And this love affair with comfort carries over into our spiritual life. We don't want to talk about the Cross. It makes us … [Read more...]