This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 72 (and Giveaway Winner!)



(Lucy, my niece Vivienne, Benjamin, and Baby Gwen on Thanksgiving)

What a fun week! We had a blast hosting Thanksgiving, enjoying breakfast with friends on Friday, and ending the week with a family movie night (Disney’s animated Robin Hood is on Netflix streaming now!) We’re taking a breath after all the ebook launch craziness. Whew.

I want to thank each and every one of you who purchased our ebook over the past 10 days from the bottom of my heart! THANK YOU! We’ve sold over 300 copies already and sharing the liturgical year with you is already such an amazing experience. Hearing about how you plan to incorporate celebrating the Christian Year in your home is such a huge encouragement and so exciting to us!


Here’s some snippets from the feedback we’ve been getting from you:

“When I downloaded the book, I could not stop reading!! I have gotten about 1/2 way through it, and all I can say is, “Where have you been all my life?” This is EXACTLY what I, as a Catholic, have been looking for. And, as a parent living in the 21st century, I really appreciate the gluten-free offerings.”

“This cookbook is seriously wonderful! I’ve never really observed the seasons of the church year, (except at church). Thanks for your wonderful explanations, ideas, and meals! What a great resource for our family.”

“I just got it and I LOVE it! Great job! So beautiful! It is worth it alone for the photography! I can’t wait to eat everything!” 

If you’d like to share some feedback to add to our sales page, feel free to email me at haley.s.stewart(at)gmail(dot)com. We would love to hear from you!

And did you hear that we extended the 40% off sale until tonight at midnight? So you can still get your copy for $4.99 if you order now and then you’ll be ready to start observing the beginning of the Christian Year tomorrow, the first Sunday of Advent! You can download the book here.

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: The Feast of St. Andrew–today! We’ll be making the Tahini Tilapia recipe for St. Andrew’s Day from our book, making our Advent candles, and starting the St. Andrew Christmas Novena. You can read more about celebrating this special day in our ebook, Feast! If you’re going to be celebrating this feast and you’re on instagram, use the hashtag #feastbook  and tag me (@haleycarrots) so we can follow you!


In the Garden: Daniel and Benjamin got up early to harvest our sweet potatoes after the freeze. The big kids love “helping” in the garden. And getting wheelbarrow rides from Daddy.


Giveaway Winner!…

For the Marian Grace album, In the Bleak Midwinter is Amy Good! Expect an email soon, Amy :) If you didn’t win, you can still listen to some selections from the album on my new Advent playlist.


“Now is the time to say to Jesus: “Lord, I have let myself be deceived; in a thousand ways I have shunned your love, yet here I am once more, to renew my covenant with you. I need you. Save me once again, Lord, take me once more into your redeeming embrace”. How good it feels to come back to him whenever we are lost!”

-Pope Francis (Evangelii Guadium)

The Quotable Benjamin:

I love you, mom! And I love Gwen. But I love her more than you because she’s the cutest.” Well, I guess that’s fair.


My,  how I love these little besties! Benjamin was “reading” The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her.


In addition to Feast!: Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year being on sale until midnight, there’s some other fantastic deals out there this weekend!


Mama and Baby Love’s eStore is 50% right now! So those 4 cookbooks are only $12.50 (Stephanie’s cookbooks are usually priced at $9.99, so getting them at 80% off is a steal!). We make one of her freezer meal recipes in our slow cooker at least once a week and we’re constantly making cookies from her Gluten-Free baking book. Yum. You can purchase them at their sale price here.

And Mama’s Notebooks is having a Black Friday sale until tonight at 9pm EST. All notebooks are already marked down to 30% off and there is a code for Free shipping: FREESHIP.


This girl has style. She definitely picked this ensemble out all by herself.


Can you even handle the cuteness?!

Sponsor Love:

If you forgot to order Advent candles, or if you want to feast your eyes on some beautiful 100% beeswax candles for Christmas gifts, be sure to head over to Carrots sponsor Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles. We are rolling our Advent candles tonight and I can’t wait!


And if Pope Awesome by Cari Donaldson isn’t on your Christmas list yet, it should be!

If you are interested in advertising on my sidebar, please contact me at 

Here’s a note from Mandi Richards about her experience advertising at Carrots:

“Over the last two years, I’ve advertised on several blogs and my experience advertising with Haley was by far the best I’ve had.  She is very sweet, easy to work with, and truly appreciates her sponsors.  And this is the first time that I have proof the advertising is working – after each time she’s mentioned my business on her blog, I’ve immediately gotten orders from new customers who were eager to mention that they were Carrots for Michaelmas readers.”

You can find out more about being a Carrots sponsor on my advertising page. I love my sponsors who make it possible for me to maintain this space and share my passions with you here!

Hope you’re staying warm this weekend!



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  1. Angela says

    I was all excited to start following your feast ideas but being my son’s Name’s sake day, he gets to pick supper and fish is definitely not on the short list. Until next feast I guess. We are going to have a blast though, celebrating this day.

  2. says

    Happy about your book. You seem such a nice person, you deserve all the best.

    Lucy’s so sweet, she looks like some cartoon character with that cute face.

    Honestly though, don’t like the new design of your blog. It seems little cold and leaves impression of the commercional blog, not the carrots one I used to love

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